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3 Borderline Illegal Searches by Police

Not all illegal searches by police are black and white. The contours of a person's Fourth Amendment protections against an illegal search and seizure are muddled by constantly evolving rules that largely hinge on the specific facts of a case.

Here are three specific situations that especially hover on the boundary of illegal searches:

Chicago Ban on Gun Sales Struck Down

A Chicago ordinance that bans gun sales within the city is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled. The decision spells a big win for gun lobbyists in their protracted battle for more firearm rights in Chi-town, home to some of the toughest gun-control laws in the nation. This latest ruling is far from the first blow to Chicago's gun laws but may spur city officials to rethink their gun control strategy.

Here's a rundown of three key gun control changes in Chicago that reveal the Windy City's weakening gun control landscape: