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The Legality of Infusing Liquor in a Prohibition Town

Chicago is a town that is known for infusing and imbibing liquor as much as it's known for the Prohibition-era musical of the same name.

It's a city steeped in jazz and bathtub gin, and even Chicago resident Oprah Winfrey has gotten into infused liquors.

But before you quaff a jalapeno-infused tequila sunrise, consider these laws affecting liquor in the Windy City:

What to Do When Your Smartphone Is Snatched

On any given day in Chicago, you can spot at least a dozen people staring at a smartphone in their hand, unaware that someone could simply snatch it away from them.

Even as early as 2011, Chicago law enforcement attributed the rise in thefts on buses and trains to a rise in smartphone thefts, reports the Chicago Tribune.

When your smartphone gets snatched, don't panic. There are several things you can do. For example: