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Chicago Crime: The 10 Most-Read Stories of 2012 (Part II of II)

We promised you more of the highlights and lowlifes of 2012 when we covered the Top 5 most popular criminal law posts of 2012. The remainder of the Top 10 include sex, drugs, and of course, the tasering of a pregnant woman.

6. 'Latin Kings' Drug Bust Results in 16 Arrests, More Than 40 Charged

Politicians in the city declared a war on gangs, and for once, they didn't lie. Federal and local officials teamed up to take down two drug rings allegedly connected to the Latin Kings street gang. The two operations were funneling heroin and cocaine into the Chicago area. We discussed how the new state RICO laws that target street gangs could come into play.

7. Three Absurd Sex Laws in Illinois

Lawmakers are always good for a laugh. This is doubly true when they put laws on the books that remain in force decades after they stop being relevant. In this post, we took a look at three absurd sex laws that still exist in Illinois, including the crimes of fornication (gasp!), adultery (oh my!) and bigamy (shame!).

8. Pregnant Woman Tasered, Arrested Over Parking Ticket

A pregnant woman, angered over receiving a ticket for idling in a handicapped spot while dealing with a parental emergency, tore up the ticket in front of the officers. How did they respond? They tasered her. The officers claim that they didn't know she was pregnant. She was eight months along. Her family claims that the officers told her to "call Jesse Jackson" and gave her boyfriend a dislocated elbow. Though her and the baby were fine, she did end up with disorderly conduct charges.

9. Goons Punch 11-year-old Girl For Lollapalooza Beach Ball

Two idiots wanted a souvenir from Lollapalooza. An 11-year-old girl and her mother were carrying Lollapalooza beach balls. After asking politely for a ball and being denied, one of the teens allegedly tried to steal it, punching the young girl in the stomach in the ensuing struggle. He ended up with assault and battery charges. His friend, who did not hit the girl, was charged with assault, which is the crime of putting someone in apprehension of harmful contact.

10. Barefoot Good Samaritan Saves Woman from Sexual Assault, Robbery

We'll end the look back at 2012 with a slightly more positive story. A cab driver followed a woman, who was listening to her iPod, into an alley, robbed her, and then proceeded to sexually assault her. A neighbor heard her screams and ran outside barefoot, carrying a shovel, and chased the assailant three and a half blocks before he was able to flag down police for the arrest.

That's all for our look at 2012. After last year's absurdly high murder rate, we'd expect the war on gangs and murder to continue in 2013. We'd also expect a lot of changes to Illinois' gun laws after the recent shootings and after a recent court decision tossed out the state's concealed carry ban.

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