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December 2012 Archives

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just a Sex Offender Here to Tidy Up

Out of all of the things one could come home to, someone providing free housework has got to be one of the least terrifying. Then again, what if it was this guy folding your sports bra?

Would you (a) let him finish cleaning and folding laundry or (b) scream and call 9-1-1?

The 26-year-old owner of the underwear chose to call the police. It was probably a good decision, as you never know who the strange trespasser fondling your unmentionables might be. In this case, it turns out he was a convicted child rapist. At the ripe old age of 51, he committed aggravated sexual abuse of a 15-year-old, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Prison Break: If Escapees Are Caught, What Do They Face?

Earlier this week, two inmates escaped from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. The remarkable part of the story is not that they escaped, though that was quite a feat. The true surprise is that the escaped cell-mates are still out there.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the daring duo escaped through a five inch window by knocking out a cinder block at the bottom of the window. Then, in an act straight out of a bad movie, they stuffed clothes, shaped as people, into their beds and used sheets tied together to slide down a seventeen story building.

NIU Student Dies From Drinking, Frat Members Charged With Hazing

Northern Illinois University's Greek organizations call it "Mom's Night" or "Parent's Night." During this traditional rush week event, a "mom," who is an upperclassman from a sorority, hides in one of the frat's rooms. According to FOX 32's report, pledges have to go door to door and try to guess if their assigned parent is in the room. If they are wrong, they drink.

David Bogenberger, 19, drank too much. The autopsy report indicated that his blood alcohol content at the time of his death was over five times the legal limit for driving. He was found dead after choking on his own vomit. The official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, which doesn't even begin to describe how tragically preventable his death was.

Third Time's Still Not Charming For Serial Plane Passenger Groper

Does this qualify as a three-peat? Srinivasa S. Erramilli, 45, is now a three-time loser after being convicted yesterday of groping a fellow passenger on an airplane. He was previously convicted of the same offense in 1999 and 2002. This time, he was aboard a June 2011 Southwest Airlines flight when he was caught with his hand on a woman’s inner thigh, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The victim, who awoke to the unwanted touching, was sleeping in the window seat. Her husband was sitting in the aisle seat in order to have easier access to the restroom. The two were returning from a trip to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. Erramilli was the last person to board the plane and took the only seat left, between the two spouses.

Gun Ruling Could Mean Legalized Concealed Carry in Illinois ... and Beyond

To think, just a few months ago, many people couldn't even own a handgun in Chicago. Now, in a few months time, people may be able to carry that now-legal gun for personal protection ... in public!

Currently, in the United States, concealed carry laws fall into three categories: shall issue, may issue, and no issue. In the first category, we have states that issue concealed carry permits to anyone who qualifies, usually after a background check and safety course. The middle ground is currently being litigated in the Fourth Circuit, and includes states where a person desiring a permit has to show a good reason for needing to carry a loaded weapon.

Chicago Installing Speed Cameras ... Should You Worry?

Earlier this week, speed cameras were installed at four locations in the Chicago area. If Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his way, they will soon be joined by dozens of others, all for the sake of keeping drivers off the gas in school zones.

Citing a need to reduce pedestrian accidents, especially those involving children, Mayor Emanuel convinced the city counsel to authorize the cameras earlier this year. The first batch, installed temporarily as part of a pilot program, went up earlier this week, reports NBC Chicago.

Vanecko Conspiracy: Daley's Nephew Charged, But What About the Cover-up?

Eight years ago, a drunken brawl led to the death of 21-year-old David Koschman. His group of friends ran into Richard J. Vanecko’s group, Koschman bumped into one of Vanecko’s friends, and moments later, Vanecko punched Koschman, causing him to fall backwards and crack his skull on the pavement. Earlier this week, Vanecko was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

How does it take eight years to bring charges in such a simple case? Vanecko is the nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley and grandson of late former Mayor Richard J. Daley. That connection is what supposedly led to an alleged cover-up that allowed Vanecko to go uncharged for eight years, reports the Sun-Times.