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Pedophile 3-Peat Over the Weekend: Three Separate Arrests

Joe V. Hymon, 44, of Oak Park, was arrested after the Oak Park Police Department was notified that an IP address that was using a file sharing program to download and upload child porn was traced back to an Oak Park address. An IP address is the electronic equivalent of a physical address. When police arrived at his address, they found two computers with more than 700 pornographic videos and images of children, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Aidan T. Lowry, 22, of Chicago, allegedly solicited children for the purpose of sexual relations. He contacted two minors, ages 12 and 13, after meeting them via Facebook and maintaining contact via chat and text messaging, reports the Tribune. He attempted to meet the children in Morton Grove, but fortunately, the meeting never happened.

As for the three-peat, Jeffery A. Vanderhayden of Melrose Park, 24, allegedly sent sexual texts to a 14-year-old girl. According to the Tribune, the girl wisely shared the messages with her mother, who took the phone to the police station. The police arranged a meeting on Thursday night and arrested Vanderhayden when he arrived. He admitted to knowing her age and contacting her for purposes of sex.

Three alleged child predators arrested in one weekend? Well done, Chicago.

Vanderhayden has been charged with grooming and travelling to meet a minor. Grooming is using the Internet or other electronic device to seduce, solicit, lure, a child or any person believe to be a child, to commit any unlawful sex act with a child. The second charge, travelling to meet a minor, is a crime if the purpose of the meeting is to engage in a sex offense or unlawful sexual conduct. Both are felony offenses with lengthy possible sentences.

Lowry will probably face charges for indecent solicitation of a child. A person can be charged with this offense if they either solicit a child (or someone they believe to be a child) to perform a sexual act or if they discuss an act of sexual conduct with a child with the intent that certain sexual abuse crimes later be committed. The punishment depends on what criminal sexual acts are solicited, but in all cases, the charge is a serious felony.

As for Mr. Hymon, he'll be facing child pornography charges, which punish the possession, distribution, or creation of images of children engaging in actual or simulated sexual acts or a "lewd exhibition" of the genitalia. The punishment varies based on the type, content, and quantity of the images, but he should be facing up to thirty years in prison if convicted.

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