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Drug Addicted Trio Suspected in Over Sixty Suburban Burglaries

Gotta fuel the habit, right? A trio of Mt. Prospect residents were taken into custody after a lengthy investigation into residential and automotive burglaries culminated in their arrest, reports the Daily Herald.

Mt. Prospect expects to tie Ryan J. Bloom, 22, Richard J. McCann, 34, and Lizette M. Norman, 34, to nearly two dozen burglaries, while surrounding suburbs' investigators could bring that number to as high as sixty offenses. The initial comments from the investigators highlight the need for Chicagoans to use common sense.

About sixty percent of the automotive burglaries linked to the troubled trio were from unlocked cars. Smash-and-grabs are easy enough, but leaving your door unlocked? This ain't Lexington, Virginia folks. Meth addicts and Chicago's epic crime rates are only a short drive away. When possible, drivers should remove valuables from their car and lock the doors. Some items, like that GPS unit that you hate to carry back and forth, should at least be kept in the glove box.

In addition to thefts from automobiles, much of the other merchandise seems to have been lifted from unlocked garages or unoccupied houses undergoing renovations, reports the Herald. Items like pressure washers, power tools, and other accoutrement typically collecting dust in garages across the country were lifted and sold to pawn shops. Fortunately, local pawn shops now have to scan their receipts into a database, accessible by the police department. A couple intrepid, tech-geek detectives can then match the pawned items with police reports.

You're probably wondering what will happen to our three allgedly drug-addicted friends. Until we have a better idea of how many thefts occurred and the market value of the items stolen, there's no way to determine what their possible sentence might be. The penalty for theft varies by dollar amount and can result an anything from a slap on the wrist to a class 1 felony.

The source of the stolen goods will also make a difference. News reports indicate that tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods were found in the trio's residence. If it all came from the same heist, they are each looking at one severe felony charge. If they came from a hundred small heists, they are likely only facing a hundred slaps on the wrist.

On the bright side, one already had a felony warrant outstanding and another was on parole. They both are unlikely to see the streets any time soon.

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