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Rap Lyrics, Letter, Lead to Murder Charges for Cousin

Normally, you'd be relieved if the cops found your cousin's killer. But we're guessing Abed Othman, 22, doesn't feel that way. After all, he's the one facing charges for the deed. Then again, a pop psychologist might wonder if Othman's actions, including making a rap song about the deed, indicate that he really did want to be caught.

Either that, or he's just plain stupid.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, while serving a three-year sentence for burglary, Othman allegedly wrote an apology letter stating, "I'm sorry that I had to carry a gun, I'm sorry I took a life over such a small sum ... I'm sorry for all the drug dealin, I'm sorry for all the gangbanging and killing."

Of course, that alone isn’t exactly conclusive proof that Othman did the deed. There was also a rap song, called either “Bullets In The Head” (reports the Sun-Times) or “Bullets In His Head” (the Chicago Tribune). Both the song and the letter were discovered during a routine search of Othman’s prison cell.

And there’s more. The night before Motassem Said, 35, was murdered in 2008, Othman was seen arguing with him. A witness also said that Othman threatened the victim and the witness with a small-caliber handgun on the morning of the murder. Over the next three years, Othman told at least two witnesses about the murder.

The drug debt was $30, reports the Sun-Times. Motassem Said was found with three bullets in his head. Altogether, though most of that evidence is circumstantial, it adds up to a pretty strong case.

Othman was charged with first-degree murder yesterday. Proving first-degree murder requires premeditation followed by an intentional killing. Premeditation can be demonstrated by the argument and the gun-wielding threat before the actual deed.

Because Illinois no longer has the death penalty, the maximum sentence that Othman will face is life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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