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Three Stooges Charged With Felony After Robbery of WWII Veteran

Eighty-seven-year-old Porter Cross has a weekly routine. On Mondays, he gets his exercise by walking to the corner store to purchase lottery tickets. Unfortunately, due to the state of society and the youth of Chicago, his trip earlier this week was far from routine. He was mugged by three hooligans on the way home, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Witnesses say that the World War II veteran was mugged from behind by Michael Protho, 17, Rashon E. Williams, 20, and a 15-year-old minor. The trio took off with Cross' wallet, which contained his social security card, identification, and money.

Cross, however, held on to his lottery tickets. He was left with broken dentures, smashed glasses, a bruised face, and a dislocated hearing aid.

Good Samaritans followed the robbers for a few blocks until police arrived. According to FOX Chicago, Protho attempted to flee from the cops and picked up an additional misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct for running into oncoming traffic.

Clint Eastwood

They're lucky they didn't run into this military veteran. (Courtesy of

All three have been charged with one count of felony robbery of a victim 60 years or older. The 15-year-old will have his case processed by the juvenile system, while the others are being held on $500,000 bond.

What Illinois lacks in decent youth, it makes up for in severe and relevant criminal laws. Illinois' robbery statute defines the crime as the taking of property from the person or presence of another by force or threat of imminent force.

The statute also has a brilliant provision that elevates the crime from a Class 2 felony to a Class 1 felony when the victim is 60 years of age or older, or physically handicapped, or if the robbery occurs in a school, daycare, place of worship, or other similar institutions.

The ordinary Class 2 felony robbery carries up to seven years in prison. The Class 1 felony for victimizing the elderly carries up to fifteen years. We'll see how merciful the judge feels if the two adults are found guilty.

As for our honorable WWII veteran, according to WGN-TV, an unidentified downtown dentist has volunteered to replace his broken dentures for free.

Our faith in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois is officially restored.

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