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Three Stooges Charged With Felony After Robbery of WWII Veteran

Eighty-seven-year-old Porter Cross has a weekly routine. On Mondays, he gets his exercise by walking to the corner store to purchase lottery tickets. Unfortunately, due to the state of society and the youth of Chicago, his trip earlier this week was far from routine. He was mugged by three hooligans on the way home, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Witnesses say that the World War II veteran was mugged from behind by Michael Protho, 17, Rashon E. Williams, 20, and a 15-year-old minor. The trio took off with Cross' wallet, which contained his social security card, identification, and money.

Legal U Part II: Strategies to Fight a Chicago Speeding Ticket

Yesterday, we delved into the issue of whether or not to fight a Chicago speeding ticket. The process is a pain in the butt, so the decision of whether to take to the field of battle or to retreat isn't something to be taken lightly.

However, if you choose to fight the ticket, we've amassed a number of strategies you can try. Good luck, and Godspeed.

Legal U: How to Fight a Chicago Speeding Ticket

You know what kind of speeding tickets are the worst? The kind that you get in the middle of the night. Enforcing speed limits in the middle of the day in a school zone make sense. We don’t want children bouncing off of fenders. After all, body work is expensive. But a speeding ticket at 3:30 a.m.? On an empty highway? That’s just revenue raising.

Ranting aside, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, FindLaw’s here to help. Here are a few tips for fighting pesky speeding tickets.

Balfour Gets Life Sentences in Hudson Murders, But It's Not Over

Prior to today's sentencing hearing, there was some speculation that William Balfour, the man convicted of killing three of R&B singer Jennifer Hudson's close family members, might have a shot at a new trial. No such luck yet, as Balfour's motion for a new trial was denied today prior to sentencing, reports NBC Chicago.

We'd expect that an appeal, on similar grounds, will almost certainly follow.

The Nation of Islam Joins Fight Against Chicago Violence

We've seen new laws passed, businesses closed, abandoned buildings shuttered, and private organizations funded, all as various creative strategies to combat the endemic rise in Chicago's murder rate. Now, the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan, is joining the war on violence, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

On Monday, the Nation of Islam's paramilitary wing, the Fruit of Islam, descended upon the violence-ridden Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, dressed in their trademark suits and bowties. The Islamic army formed a "human wall of protection" to guard against any outbreaks of gunfire. They also went door to door, preaching peace.

Stuart Levine Gets 67 Months, Proves 'No Honor Amongst Thieves'

Prosecutors called him an essential witness and a key part of the takedown of the corrupt Rod Blagojevich administration. His attorney referred to him as a "changed man" whose "sense of guilt and shame overwhelmed him." The judge labeled him one of the "most corrupt politicians" in northern Illinois.

Now, that's saying something.

After years of testimony and mea culpas, Stuart Levine now knows his fate. He was sentenced to 67 months (about five and a half years) for fraud and money laundering charges, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. He faced life in prison.

Scumbags Rob, Murder Disabled Grandfather; Post Video on Facebook

If there is one principle, one hope, that can console those of us that aren’t the sort of people that beat disabled men to death, it’s that the most inhumane humans are often the dumbest. Three teens, aged 16, 17, and 18, are all facing first-degree murder charges after what seems like a robbery and beating gone wrong, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The crime came to light after one of the three allegedly posted a video of the mugging on Facebook. Their victim was a disabled immigrant grandfather and father of 12 who was collecting cans to support his family.

An Update on Chi's Attempts to Combat Rising Gang Violence

Chicago's war on gang violence has so many strategies that it's nearly impossible to keep track. In addition to passing more stringent organized crime laws, the state has also promised to shut down businesses that are magnets for gang violence, raze abandoned buildings where criminals loiter, hire CeaseFire to help mediate disputes in the hood, and well, there's got to be more, but we've lost track. It is a war, after all.

Earlier this week, the city released its list of businesses that would either be given intense scrutiny or outright closed for their prior missteps. Though the press release did not spell out all of the targeted businesses, it did point out a few that had already been dealt with.

The Reset Button: FindLaw's Guide to Expungement

What is the dumbest thing you've done lately? Perhaps you really needed that copy of Justin Bieber's Believe album before payday. Or perhaps, you and your father decided to take LSD, sip on a few beers, and then take the motorcycles out for a ride.

"Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, please provide details."

"Yes. I took LSD and crashed my motorcycle."

When the Music Stops: Rappers Beat Strangers in Wrigleyville

Hip-hop luminary Eminem, with his group D12, once released a song about confusing hip-hop with real life. The hip-hop culture encourages escalation and discourages turning the other cheek. Men don’t ignore insults, they retaliate and escalate.

Perhaps that was the mindset of the four men arrested for mob action and aggravated battery in Wrigleyville. Corry Simmons, Donald Robinson Jr., Edward Robinson, and Alvin L. Goffin were filming a rap video in a stretch limo. According to prosecutors, when they arrived at Wrigleyville, they jumped out of the limo and starting pummeling random strangers. One victim ended up with a broken jaw. A responding officer was also injured, reports the Huffington Post.

Man Loses Lawsuit, Hires Someone to Kill Plaintiff

Well, that's one way to handle an $8.2 million judgment.

Daniel Dvorkin, 74, was pretty miffed about a judgment against his company, Dan Development Limited. He had recently lost a lawsuit, resulting in a huge bill. So, he allegedly decided to have the plaintiff killed to escape the bill, reports the Daily Herald.

Sounds like a sound plan, right? Unfortunately, the person he contacted as a hitman locating service was tied in with the FBI. Dvorkin allegedly offered a total of $100,000 for the deed. $35,000 to the FBI informant, $15,000 as a down payment to the hitman, and $50,000 upon completion.

He would even fly them around on his private jet.

Ain't No Thing as a Stray Bullet, 10-year-old Shot in Drive-by

M.O.P. are wiser than they appear, it seems. The rap duo once said, “Ain’t no thing as a stray bullet, when your index finger on the trigger and you pull it.” That’s a perfect summary of the transferred intent doctrine as applied to murder and attempted murder.

Slick rap references aside, a duo of bullets, likely intended for a man with gang affiliations and a lengthy criminal record, hit a 10-year-old playing in a hydrant in the violence-ridden Austin neighborhood, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Corrupt Chicago Politicians Took Bribes? Shocking!

Add two more alleged crooks to the long legacy of crooked Chicago and Illinois politicians. Former Cook County Commissioner Jose Moreno and his friend, convicted felon and former Alderman Ambrosio Medrano were charged with federal bribery offenses on Thursday, reports Courthouse News.

The major scheme involved the two gentlemen promising to use their influence to award medical supplies contracts for bribes. In exchange for cash, solicited from an FBI informant, the two would pressure Stroger Hospital to buy bandages from a company owned by the co-defendants, Stanley Wozniak and Gerald Lombardi Sr. and Jr.