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Prison Break: Seven Hours of Freedom Will Cost Him

The plot wasn't nearly as intricate as Michael's plan in "Prison Break". There were no blueprints tattooed on his body, nor team of inmates completing Mission Impossible-esque tasks to escape from a maximum security prison.

No, Alex Bell's escape was much less interesting. He walked out of a hospital when his guard went to go to the restroom, reports ABC 7 News. He hopped a train and hitchhiked his way to his wife's house, where he was apprehended only seven hours later. (He must have really, really missed her.)

He also might have gotten her in trouble as well. While the police were tracking him down, they discovered that both Bell and his wife had outstanding warrants in another state. There is no word yet on whether she was arrested.

Why was it so easy? Bell was on a work-release program and due to his "low-risk" status, wasn't handcuffed or shackled.

The Department of Corrections should probably reevaluate that policy.

Bell was originally serving a six year sentence, which began in May of 2011. Now, in addition to his original sentence, he'll be stuck with a Class 2 felony for the escape. A Class 2 felony carries a penalty of 3 to 7 years in prison.

As for the officer who let him escape, some might argue that leaving him unsecured while taking a potty break was a little reckless. If the District Attorney's office agrees, he could be charged with recklessly permitting a prisoner in his custody to escape, a Class A misdemeanor. It carries up to a year in jail.

It also wouldn't be surprising to see him reprimanded, or even fired.

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