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Pregnant Woman Tasered, Arrested Over Parking Ticket

Well, Chicago is the sixth most ticketed city in America, at least, according to a questionable survey and Chicagoist.

Tiffany Rent, who is eight months pregnant, was driving along when she had one of those parental emergencies. You know the type, where one kid in the back seat spilled something or threw a fit. She pulled into a parking lot, parked, and dealt with her daughter, reports CBS Chicago.

The moment she pulled in, however, she was blocked in by a police officer. She had apparently parked in a handicapped spot. Never mind the emergency, or the fact that they didn't even get out of the car. The officer still blocked them in and proceeded to write a $200 ticket.

Rent didn't handle it well. She tore the ticket up and threw it on the ground. However, what happened next shocked her (literally) and her family. The officer Tasered her.

The police report claims that she was trying to take off and was being disorderly. A police source told CBS that the officer might not have known that she was pregnant.

Did we mention that she was eight months along?

Her family claims that one officer told her to "call Jesse Jackson." Another said "she deserved it."

Meanwhile, both Tiffany Rent and her boyfriend have been charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest and assault, reports the Chicago Tribune. The resisting arrest charge carries a minimum of 48 consecutive hours in jail or 100 hours of community service, and a maximum of up to one year in jail.

And though the unborn child and the mother were okay after the Taser shot, the boyfriend ended up with a dislocated elbow. A little excessive, perhaps?

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