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Prosecutors: Pimp Used Drugs and Violence to Control Women

On Wednesday a Cook County judge ordered that an alleged pimp be held on $1 million bail, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Prosecutors claim that 35-year-old DaJuan Brown used violence and drugs to keep around 12 young women working for him as prostitutes. Brown has prior convictions for pimping, domestic battery, and robbery.

According to prosecutors, Brown ran a sex ring out of his home on North Laramie Avenue. He allegedly enslaved girls and young women by controlling their movements and taking away their identification, money, and cell phones.

Brown reportedly used drugs to keep his victims in line. According to prosecutors, he would get the girls addicted to heroin then give them only enough of the drug to stave off withdrawal symptoms. When a victim slept with her “quota” of customers, she was rewarded with more heroin.

If a victim ever tried to escape, Brown would allegedly administer a savage beating. In one instance, Brown reportedly “hit [a victim] so hard that he knocked her unconscious” after the girl tried to escape.

(The State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez, has said that her human trafficking team will be on high alert throughout the upcoming NATO Summit. According to Alvarez’s office, the summit provides a “significant potential for an increase in sex tourism.”)

Brown has been charged with involuntary servitude and aggravated trafficking. Under Illinois’ criminal code, a person commits involuntary servitude when he or she knowingly subjects or attempts to subject another person to forced labor or services. If the perpetrator causes or threatens physical harm to anyone in doing so, involuntary servitude is a Class X offense.

If DaJuan Brown is found to have used violence to force his victims into prostitution, he could be going away for up to 30 years.

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