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Alleged Creeper Peeper Caught; Worked With Kids at YMCA

Police believe that they now have in custody the man responsible for numerous "Peeping Tom" incidents in the Aurora area, reports NBC Chicago. Erik S. Paxton was caught after running from a neighbor's yard. He reportedly left behind a foot stool that was placed near the homeowner's underage daughter's window.

Police used the witness' description and brought Paxton in for questioning. Based on his statements, they were able to arrest him and search his home.

It got creepier.

Police say Paxton had numerous stolen articles of girls' clothing, allegedly taken from both from the home where he was caught and from another home.

He has also been implicated in another odd incident. Someone entered a home in the middle of the night and watched three adults, aged 54, 62, and 80 sleep. The family dog scared him off.

And it gets worse.

Paxton works at the local YMCA. He was hired in September of last year, after passing a background check. He supervises afterschool and before school programs at local elementary schools.

To be clear, he hasn't yet been charged with any crimes related to his work at the YMCA and the schools. He has, however, been charged with two counts of residential burglary, one count of criminal trespass to a residence, and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

More charges are expected to follow as the investigation continues.

The most serious charge that he is currently facing, residential burglary, is defined as entering the dwelling place of another with the intent to commit a felony or theft. It is a Class 1 felony in Illinois, which carries a penalty of 4 to 15 years per charge.

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