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May 2012 Archives

Robbery Abandoned After Victim Points to Police Station

Stupid, stupid criminals.

Just when you think they can't get any more stupid, they do. According to the Chicago Tribune, an unidentified student was walking along Clark Street when a trio of brilliant men attempted to get his attention by yelling "Yo!"

Wisely, the student continued to walk and turned on Hinman Avenue. The three wise men caught up to him and demanded that he hand over all of his money. One of them allegedly stated, "Empty your pockets or we'll shoot you!" He did not, however, brandish a gun, reports the Tribune.

After 11 Dead, Over 40 Hurt Over Weekend, One Killer Caught

It was not a good weekend for Chicago. The Huffington Post reports that eleven were dead and more than 40 hurt after a ridiculously violent and bloody Memorial Day weekend. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and city police blame gang violence and plan to turn up the heat to reduce it.

They made one small step in that direction with the arrest of Andre Alejandro, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Alejandro is suspected of shooting a 13-year-old boy that he suspected was a member of a rival gang. The boy was eating pizza with his sister at an Uptown pizzeria. Prior to the gunfire, the shooter allegedly exchanged gang signs with an older male acquaintance of either the sister or the boy.

Man Busted for Sneaking Pee into Drug Test; It's a Felony?

This might be the most ridiculous felony charge yet. Aaron Wahl, 24, of Wonder Lake, was nailed after he was caught with a plastic bottle full of urine and an attached heating element, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

That's not really news. Drug test cheating happens. What truly makes this story interesting is that "defrauding a drug and alcohol screening test" is a felony charge.

Alleged Creeper Peeper Caught; Worked With Kids at YMCA

Police believe that they now have in custody the man responsible for numerous "Peeping Tom" incidents in the Aurora area, reports NBC Chicago. Erik S. Paxton was caught after running from a neighbor's yard. He reportedly left behind a foot stool that was placed near the homeowner's underage daughter's window.

Police used the witness' description and brought Paxton in for questioning. Based on his statements, they were able to arrest him and search his home.

It got creepier.

NATO Summit Terrorism Suspect's Defense: Intoxication?

Fascinating. Sebastian Senakiewicz, the 24-year-old alleged anarchist and member of the Black Bloc, was arrested after he allegedly made terrorist threats to blow up a train overpass during the NATO summit.

According to his lawyer, he was just all just drunk bluster, reports the Chicago Tribune.

White Supremacists Ambushed at Lunch; Attackers Arrested

It was a nice and peaceful luncheon amongst those who allegedly seek to elevate the status of the Aryan Nation above others. Then, a group of hooded hoodlums bum rushed the restaurant and attacked the "economic summit" with hammers and other blunt objects, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Isn't usually the racist idiots that wear hoods and attack people?

On Wednesday a Cook County judge ordered that an alleged pimp be held on $1 million bail, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Prosecutors claim that 35-year-old DaJuan Brown used violence and drugs to keep around 12 young women working for him as prostitutes. Brown has prior convictions for pimping, domestic battery, and robbery.

On Sunday, police found the body of a newlywed woman still in her wedding dress and covered in stab wounds, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Estrella Carrera had gotten married only a few days before to the father of her son. On Saturday, her family began to worry when she failed to pick up her 2-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. They called the police.

On Friday, a jury found William Balfour guilty of the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew, the Chicago Tribune reports.

William Balfour was convicted on all counts of first-degree murder, home invasion, armed robbery, and kidnapping. He’s facing a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

DuPage County authorities have arrested an Addison woman on accusations that she slit her 3-year-old son’s throat, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Sameera Samreen initially told police that two masked intruders entered her apartment and attacked her and her son. However, when police questioned Samreen’s son, he had a different story to tell.

On Monday, a Berwyn doctor was found guilty of sexually assaulting one of his patients while examining the woman for cold symptoms, the Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the Cook County state's attorney's office, many other patients of 53-year-old Ricardo Arze have reported similar experiences. Arze is also facing a separate charge for practicing medicine after his license had been suspended.

Last week, the 7th Circuit ruled that five members of the Chicago Outfit could not overturn their 2007 convictions for numerous crimes, including murder and extortion, Courthouse News Service reports.

The group, which is also known as the Chicago Syndicate or Chicago Mob, is probably most famous for its former leader, Al Capone. Frank J. Calabrese Sr. and James Marcello appealed their convictions, arguing that double jeopardy barred them from being indicted for the RICO violations, since they had been indicted for similar crimes in the past. The court did not agree.

On Wednesday, a friend of William Balfour testified that Balfour had asked her to cover for him if police questioned her about Balfour’s whereabouts on the day Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were murdered, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Balfour, Hudson’s former brother-in-law, has been accused of murdering three of the singer’s family members in 2008. Brittany Acoff Howard, a friend of Balfour’s, testified that the man asked her to provide authorities with an alibi for Balfour if they questioned her in connection with the murders.

Over the weekend, an underage Lake in the Hills woman got drunk and reportedly bit the family dog, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Analise J. Garner has been charged with animal cruelty, domestic battery, and underage drinking. At around 4 a.m. on Sunday, police were called to 19-year-old Garner’s residence after receiving reports of screaming and pounding coming from the home.