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November 2011 Archives

Man Kills Sister to Hide Crime Against Mother?

Cathleen Lewis was found beaten to death in her Naperville home last June. Police looked for her younger brother, Mark Lewis, to notify him of her death. After not finding him, the brother soon became a suspect in the sister's murder.

Now, six months later, Mark Lewis has been formally charged with murder. Lewis was eventually found in a Florida parking lot and is being sent back to Illinois to hear the criminal charges against him, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

So what would drive a brother to kill a sister?

Kenny Williams Break-In: Homeless Man Guest for a Few Days

Chicago White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams returned home and noticed that someone had been living in his luxurious downtown townhouse. Similar to Godilocks, someone had slept on Williams’ bed. In addition, someone had ate his food, worn his clothes, and even defrosted a lobster for what would have been a special dinner.

After calling the cops, the police found a homeless man peering through the townhouse windows wearing a fur coat belonging to Williams, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. That man has been charged with residential burglary.

Man Gets Life for Killing Gun Collector to Get Guns

Terry Bratcher learned that he will be spending the rest of his life in jail for the role he played in the robbery and murder of former Illinois State Rife Association vice president and attorney Carl Kuhn.

Bratcher was one of two men who hatched the scheme to rob and kill the 82-year-old Kuhn. His accomplice Keith Allen only received 46 years in jail. So why the difference?

Lynwood Murder Mystery: Wife Kidnapped, Husband Killed

Cecilia White was apparently kidnapped from her home early Monday morning in Lynwood. She later escaped and notified the police about the kidnapping, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. She also alerted police that her husband, Eugene White, was still in the home at the time of the kidnapping and that she was concerned about his well-being.

When police arrived at the home, they found Eugene White dead in a rear bedroom with two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head, reports the Sun-Times. In this Lynwood murder mystery, it's still unclear what motives the killers had, why Cecilia White was kidnapped, how she escaped, and who committed the crime.

Teen Gets 12 Years for Robbing Grandfather

Paul Evans and three of his buddies apparently decided they needed something from Burlington Coat Factory. Unfortunately, they didn't have any money. So the group decided to rob and beat Evans' grandparents at their home in Crete.

For robbing his grandfather, the 19-year-old grandson will spend the next 12 years in jail, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

1981 Murder of Dawn Niles, Trial Finally Begins

In 1981, prosecutors say that Gary Albert told his 15-year-old girlfriend that he wanted nothing to do with her baby. Dawn Niles had just found out she was pregnant and was ready to tell her mother about the news.

To avoid responsibility, prosecutors say that Albert tried to convince his girlfriend to tell her mother that she was raped, or a different man got her pregnant, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Apparently, she refused and as a result Albert is accused of brutally attacking her, stabbing her 34 times and leaving her dead body in the Cook County Forest Preserve.

Engagement Ring Murder: Parolee Kills, then Proposes

Raymond Harris was going to propose to his girlfriend. Problem was he didn't have an engagement ring. So he brutally beat 73-year-old Virginia Perillo to death outside her Bridgeport home and stole her engagement and wedding rings.

Five days after the engagement ring murder, Harris proposed to his girlfriend using the dead woman's rings.

Acquittal in Dog Drugging Case

A Pennsylvania man was found not guilty in the dog drugging case.

Ralph Ullum was accused of slipping two pills into the cage of Pixie, a Siberian husky who was competing against the dog of Ullum’s girlfriend, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Ullum says that he just slipped his two fingers into the cage to rub the dog’s nose.

Dog Show Drug Trial Begins

What would you do to be best in show? DuPage County prosecutors accuse a Pennsylvania man of drugging a competitor's dog to win the coveted American Kennel Club award.

The dog show drug trial against 68-year-old Ralph Ullum has begun. Prosecutors say that the man drugged Jessica Plourde's Siberian husky in an attempt to win the contest, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Ullum says he's innocent and that prosecutors have no case against him.

Parolee Arrested in Indian Head Park Murder

John Wilson has been charged in the murder of 14-year-old Kelli O’Laughlin. The Indian Head Park murder is just the latest charge for the 38-year-old parolee.

Last week, O’Laughlin was found stabbed to death in her two-story home, reports the Chicago Tribune. Police suspect that the high school freshman had returned home from school and walked in on a burglary attempt.

What Are Stages of a Criminal Case?

Your first introduction to the legal system may come in a criminal case. While every criminal case is different, there are some steps that are common to all.

If you are ever involved in a criminal matter, you will want to have some idea of the process that you face. Here's a quick summary on the stages of a criminal case:

10-Year Old Shot Trick or Treating, Mistaken for Gang Rival

A 22-year-old and an 18-year-old gang member from Albany Park shot a 10-year-old trick or treater on Halloween night because they believed the boy to be a gang rival. The boy was shot in the leg and is in good condition at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

The two gangbangers face aggravated battery charges for the Halloween shooting.

Illinois Aggravated Battery: Man Robs Homes for Beer

Tim Snyder really wanted beer. He wanted it so bad that he broke into two Bucktown apartments in search of the tasty brew. When he couldn't find any, he got violent. Now the man faces multiple counts of aggravated battery. Given his prior convictions, Snyder may face the most severe Illinois aggravated battery charge.

Early Saturday morning, the 36-year-old hotel event coordinator forced his way into a building on the 1300 block of North Dean, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.