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October 2011 Archives

Fighting Illini Jereme Richmond Released from Jail Again

Former Illinois Fighting Illini basketball player Jereme Richmond was released from a Lake County Jail a second time after he posted a higher bond due to a failed drug test.

Richmond had been charged with aggravated battery and unlawful use of a weapon. The former basketball player is accused of beating and threatening a woman believed to have been someone he dated, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

George Panos: Smother Dad for $50?

George Panos is accused of hiring a teenage friend to smother his dad. When the teen refused, Panos allegedly did the dirty work himself, killing his 78-year-old father.

Panos, 47, lived with his ailing dad in Glendale Heights. The father suffered from a variety of ailments, and it's believed that Panos was responsible for the old man's care, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Top 5 Chicago Halloween Crimes

Halloween can be a fun time for many, but it can also turn into a nightmare for some. Here is a list of five types of Chicago Halloween crime you may want to watch out for.

1. Sexual Assault

What better night for a sex offender than young children marching up to their doorsteps and ringing their doorbells. While sex offenders are registered with the state, many parents fail to check or simply forget that a neighbor could be a sex offender.

Sky High Costs of Cook County Juvenile Detention Center

It costs almost four times as much to send a kid to the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center than it does to send a kid to Harvard University, says county board president Toni Preckwinkle.

As Preckwinkle prepares to unveil her $3 billion spending plan for the next year, she talked about the problems of the underage jail population, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Judge Recuses Himself in Anthony Kelley Case

Judge James Booras recused himself from the Anthony Kelley case as the judge and defendant are members of the same church.

Anthony Kelley, 40, and his mother are accused of abusing their 74-year-old father and husband. The pair allegedly tied the bedridden elderly man to his bed with duct tape, beat him, and sprayed him with pepper spray, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. If convicted, each faces five years in jail.

175 Occupy Chicago Arrests

There were 175 Occupy Chicago arrests as of early Sunday morning. For the civil disobedience, most of those arrested were charged with municipal code violations like failure to leave a park after it has closed.

Occupy Chicago has been going on for about three weeks. The protest over Wall Street greed and corruption began as a minor spinoff from the protests in New York City, reports CBS. When the protests first started, only a small group of protestors gathered near city parks. But instead of fizzling, the Chicago protest slowly gained momentum with thousands attending larger rallies.

Got Away with Murder? Judge Says Tiffany Startz Not Guilty

Tiffany Startz was on trial for killing aspiring rapper John Powell. Startz threw the fatal punch that killed Powell. There was even a Youtube clip that showed the lethal blow. Yet a judge let her walk, finding Startz not guilty of reckless conduct and battery.

Last year, Powell performed with his rap group at a house party. At the party, a man approached Powell and asked him if he would accept $5 for getting punched in the face by a girl, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Powell accepted, and Startz punched him in the face.

Accomplices Charged in John Granat Murder of Parents

John Granat has been held at a psychiatric unit of the Cook County Jail since last month for the double homicide of his parents. He may soon have company as three of his friends have also been charged in connection with the murders.

Last month, John Granat called police saying that he found his parents dead in his home, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. He told police that he was home all night, and awoke to find a bloodbath in his parent's bedroom.

Francisco Martinez Accused of Shooting Sisters at Party

Francisco Martinez was allegedly drunk and went berserk on his sisters during a house party over the weekend. Martinez killed one sister and tried to kill the other -- shooting both in the head.

The family apparently had a party in the backyard of their Northwest Side home on Friday night leading into Saturday morning, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. At about 4:40 in the morning, Martinez's two sisters, Isabella and Erminia, told him to get his friends out of the yard and were criticizing and insulting him.

DeMarco Whitley Convicted of Raping 15-Year-Old Girl

DeMarco Whitley, a former Glenbard West High School football player, was convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl. Whitley was convicted of four counts of felony criminal sexual assault and could face between four and 15 years in prison on each count.

No one disputed that Whitley, who is now 19, had sex with the unidentified girl, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. At issue was whether the sex was consensual. Whitley claims that his friend and teammate, Pierre Washington-Steele, introduced him to the girl earlier that evening and the girl agreed to have sex with the two men simultaneously in Washington-Steele’s car.

Jimmy Mounts Pleads Guilty on Eve of Trial for Punching Death

Jimmy Mounts and Tiffany Stantz were to stand trial on charges of reckless conduct and battery in the death of aspiring rapper Josh Powell. But just before the trial was to start, Mounts pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and may avoid jail time altogether.

Last year, Josh Powell performed at a house party with his band Krazy Killaz. At the party, Powell was offered $5 from Mounts to take a punch by a girl. Powell, a 25-year-old man who weighed 140 pounds, accepted and he was punched by Tiffany Stantz, a 22-year-old woman weighing 142 pounds.

65th Arrest for Francisco Tirado

Francisco Tirado was arrested last week for beating a woman and holding her and her children captive. This was the 65th arrest for the Northbrook man since 2001.

The 27-year-old Tirado was allegedly drunk when he returned home on September 22 and urinated on the floor, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. After peeing, Tirado was confronted by the unidentified woman and Tirado then beat and kicked her. The nature of Tirado’s relationship with the woman was not reported.