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Homeless Man Rape of 83-Year-Old Woman

A homeless man rape of an 83-year-old woman has left the quiet Orland Park community in shock.

Last week, 34-year-old homeless man, Dennis Dodson, allegedly sexually assaulted a good Samaritan who had given him money and was trying to find him a place to live, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The assault happened in a field behind the neighborhood Home Depot, an area nearby residents described as safe.

A day before the attack, the unidentified victim met Dodson as she was taking a shortcut behind Home Depot, reports the Sun-Times. The elderly woman gave Dodson $5 and food, and then went home, where she worked on finding a place for Dodson to live.

On the day of the attack, the woman returned to Dodson and told him that she had reached out to police and that they would check up on him, potentially finding him a place to live. Dodson, who was reportedly lying on the ground surrounded by beer cans, did not take the news so well and grabbed the woman and allegedly sexually assaulted her, reports the Sun-Times.

Dodson was found later that day and charged with aggravated sexual assault.

Sexual assault is generally considered a class 1 felony in Illinois carrying a possible 15-year jail term. However, aggravated sexual assault is considered a class X felony carrying a possible 30-year penalty.

Most of the time you see aggravated sexual assault charges when someone rapes another while threatening harm with a firearm or other weapon. But the statute also carves out certain victims, whose sexual assault will automatically lead to an "aggravated" charge. One category of victim is someone 60 years of age or older.

Dennis Dodson faces the most severe sexual assault penalties due to the age of his victim. The homeless man rape may result in 30 years jail time.

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