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September 2011 Archives

Northbrook Man In Penis Pump Medicare Fraud

Gary Winner, a 49-year-old Northbrook man, has agreed to plead guilty to penis pump Medicare fraud.

Winner allegedly sent unwanted penis pumps to diabetes patients claiming that the devices helped the patients with bladder control, urinary flow, and prostate comfort, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Illinois Self Defense Law, Chicago Man Kills Home Intruder

A Chicago Heights home was clearly marked with signs of “No Trespassing,” “We Call Police,” and “Alert One Security Systems.” Yet, 18-year-old Anterrio Hall chose to ignore these warnings and broke into the home owned by a sickly man. As a result, the teen was shot dead, and charges may be brought against the homeowner that may call into question Illinois self defense laws.

About 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the unidentified homeowner was in his bathroom when he heard glass breaking in his kitchen, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The man retrieved a gun and saw that Hall had broken in. The sickly man who uses an oxygen canister to breathe shot Hall multiple times, killing him.

Homeless Man Rape of 83-Year-Old Woman

A homeless man rape of an 83-year-old woman has left the quiet Orland Park community in shock.

Last week, 34-year-old homeless man, Dennis Dodson, allegedly sexually assaulted a good Samaritan who had given him money and was trying to find him a place to live, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The assault happened in a field behind the neighborhood Home Depot, an area nearby residents described as safe.

Burglar Laptop Photo Leads to Arrest

Stupid criminals. Here is just one example: burglar laptop photo leads to arrest of 43-year-old Dominick Harvey.

Last month, a burglar broke into two homes in Riverside. The thief stole cash, jewelry, and computer equipment, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The police did not have a suspect until they recovered an Apple Macbook Pro that the thief had stolen. And on the laptop -- a photo of the thief himself.

Death, The Penalty for Nicholas Sheley?

In the first of eight trials for the murders of eight people across two states, it took an Illinois jury less than an hour to find Nicholas Sheley guilty of bludgeoning Ronald Randall to death in Galesburg. While Sheley will not face the ultimate penalty in this case due to the abolition of the Illinois death penalty, he could still be executed if convicted of murder in Missouri due to the active Missouri death penalty.

Sheley was convicted of first degree murder of the 65-year-old Randall during a 2008 killing spree, reports the Chicago Tribune. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in November, and probably will receive a life sentence.

Man Charged With Lisa Madigan Threats

Registered sex offender Maurice Pennington Sr. was charged with making threats against Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. The Lisa Madigan threats follow the man’s unhappiness with being forced to register as a sex offender.

Pennington was convicted of sexual abuse of a victim between the ages of 9 and 16 in Texas, under the name of Demtreous P. Moore, reports the Chicago Tribune. Because of the conviction, he was forced to register as a sex offender in the State of Illinois.

Trial Starts for Avril Lavigne Tickets Murder

The trial for Robert Lyons began this week for the Avril Lavigne tickets murder. Lyons is accused of stabbing his mother to death after his mom failed to get him tickets to see Avril Lavigne in concert. Lyons is 39-years-old. Now, the “man kills mom” defendant is pleading self-defense as he faces the possibility of life behind bars.

Prosecutors allege that Lyons asked his mom to call a friend to arrange skybox tickets for the concert, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. After she refused to do so, Lyons flew into a rage and brutally beat and stabbed his 61-year-old mother to death in the condo they shared.

PR Exec Charged With Online Date Rape

Online date rape. At one time, not long ago, there was a big stigma attached to online dating and people dipped their toes in slowly, expecting the worst. But as more and more couples met online, the stigma was removed, and today online dating has become an acceptable part of single life. However, the dangers of online dating have not completely been removed. After all, you are chatting with, and possibly meeting, strangers. And in some cases, your date may be a rapist.

Two Cook County women say they met public relations executive Ignacio Carrillo online and went on dates with him, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. While Carrillo seemed like a catch -- he drove a Porsche and was a vice president at Flowers Communication Group -- the man was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Corrupt Cop Jerome Finnigan Gets 12 Years for Murder for Hire

This story is like the FX drama "The Shield," only in real life. Former Chicago cop Jerome Finnigan was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison following his conviction for plotting to kill a fellow cop.

The 48-year-old Finnigan was a member of the Chicago police department's elite Special Operations Section, a citywide unit responsible for targeting narcotics dealers, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Finnigan led a crew (more like gang) of cops who ransacked homes without warrants, conducted illegal traffic stops, shook down criminals and innocent civilians, and basically acted like they were above the law.

Charges in Homeless Man Killed by Fire Extinguisher

Richard Gibbons had been hospitalized for almost a month following an August 11 attack at an Elgin garage where Yancarlo Garcia threw a fire extinguisher from five stories up onto the homeless man. Last weekend, Gibbons finally succumbed to his injuries and died. Now murder charges have been brought against the 23-year-old Garcia for the homeless man killed by fire extinguisher.

Before he died, Gibbons told investigators that he was sleeping in an Elgin alley next to a five-story parking garage, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. He awoke when he heard laughter above him and saw a group of people standing on the top floor of the garage. The 60-year-old homeless man then apparently got into an argument with the guys standing above, including Garcia.

8 Chicago Homicides over Labor Day Weekend

Six slain over Memorial Day to start the summer. Six killed on July 4th in the midst of the summer. And now, eight Chicago homicides were reported over Labor Day weekend to end the summer.

Eight men were killed in violent acts throughout Chicago during the Labor Day holiday weekend between Friday night and Monday night, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. All the victims were men with ages ranging from 18 to 38. Seven were shot to death, and one was stabbed to death.

Robert Bostic Charged with 1982 Whiskey Murder

Robert Bostic, 71, was charged earlier this year with the whiskey murder of Carlton Richmond that occurred nearly three decades ago. The murder occurred at a motorcycle hangout and prosecutors did not have witness support for the murder charge -- until now.

In 1982, Richmond reportedly bet Bostic $500 that he could not down a fifth of Jack Daniels, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Bostic took the bet and performed the Herculean feat. However, after chugging the whiskey, Richmond didn't have the funds to pay off the bet. So Bostic allegedly shot and killed him.