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Police Arrest 13- and 12-Year-Old Boys For Mugging Other Kids

Joliet police arrested a 13-year-old and 12-year-old boy after the pair attacked a 5-year-old and 6-year-old child in a parking lot located close to Gardner Street and Doris Avenue. Authorities said several witnesses had seen the older kids hit the victims to the ground, kicking them before went into their pockets and stole $5.

The younger children did not need much medical attention after the mugging, reported the Chicago Sun-Times. However, some Chicago locals may have heard that Joliet police immediately arrested the two juvenile boys and charged each with robbery.

Will County Judge Paula Gomora decided to place the 13-year-old under house arrest and also prohibited the young boy from having any contact with the victims. Gomara added that she found the crime “somewhat disturbing,” considering the age of the boy, and ordered that the 13-year-old go through a comprehensive psychological assessment.

The 13-year-old remained quiet before Gomara as she told the boy and his family that she pays very careful attention to how old a child is when he or she starts breaking the law. “It is going to be extremely important for you to be the authority figures,” the judge told the teen’s family.

Family members asserted they were ready to enforce the rules and terms of the 13-year-old’s house arrest. As for the 12-year-old mugger, he remains in custody at the River Juvenile Detention Center and is scheduled for a court hearing on May 6.

Joliet Police Commander Alan Roechner said the muggers, whose identities were not disclosed due to their age, are among the youngest criminal suspects police have arrested for a robbery crime.

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