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Lukasz Strama Arrested For Trespassing Into Apartment by Chain Saw

Police officials reported that a man wielding a chain saw had broken into the Deerfield apartment of an upstairs neighbor last week. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 28-year-old Deerfield local Lukasz W. Strama was able to enter the woman’s apartment by allegedly using the chain saw to hack through door. However, police reported no one was injured from the incident.

The resident told authorities that she initially thought some landscapers were working when she heard the loud clamoring coming from outside her door that afternoon. “She said the noise continued to get closer and closer,” authorities reported. “When she went to look and see where the noise was coming from, she observed a chain saw coming through her front door.”

Police said the woman quickly contacted them as Strama continued to cut through the apartment door. She then took her two dogs, flung them onto a landing located at the back of her apartment, and "jumped off her second-floor balcony and ran."

Witnesses had identified Strama as the trespasser once law enforcement officials arrived at the scene. When they stopped by his apartment, the officers said they "could smell [a] strong odor of engine fumes" coming from the inside after he answered the door. Patch reported police also allegedly found a hatchet and chain saw in his apartment.

Lukasz Strama was immediately brought to Highland Park Hospital after the attack but eventually placed under police custody and charged with criminal damage to property and felony trespassing. It remains unclear whether he has found a criminal defense attorney for this case, but he will likely need one to explain the legal options he has available to him and the penalties he may face if convicted.

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