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Tyrelle Locket and Myrelle Locket Sentenced For Sex Trafficking

Tyrelle and Myrelle Locket, twin brothers from Dolton, pleaded guilty at the Markham courthouse to felony charges of human trafficking for forced services or labor. Chicago Breaking News reportes the pair, age 18, had forced young women into prostitution in the south suburbs and has now been sentenced to four years behind bars.

The Lockets were involved in making reservations at motels and photographing the female victims for internet ads they developed and posted online. The victims were also coerced to go into a motel room and have sex with men once the meetings with the clients were arranged. The brothers would then wait close by and collect payment afterward.

Authorities discovered the twins’ illegal venture during an undercover sting operation. Police officers had answered the brothers’ internet ad and met with Tyrelle Locket at a motel in Lansing. They found that the two teens were forcing 18-year-old victims, and one 17-year-old girl, to have sex with men for money.

According to police, the victims said that Tyrelle and Myrelle Locket would beat and terrorize them if they did not perform sex acts with the clients. They also added that the brothers would only divide the money collected between the two of them.

Authorities did not charge the young women with prostitution or any other criminal offenses.

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