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February 2011 Archives

Philip And Stacy Igoe Accused Of Defrauding Clients

Chicago attorney Philip Igoe, 61, was accused of defrauding clients who sought legal help to save their homes from getting foreclosed, reported the Chicago Sun-Times. The U.S. State’s Attorney’s office said Igoe was charged with six counts of bankruptcy fraud, one count of mail fraud, and one count of obstruction of justice in a criminal indictment.

According to the indictment, Igoe allegedly solicited clients facing foreclosure and told them they could recover their homes if they filed for a loan modification or bankruptcy protection. Igoe then collected money from his clients, assuring them that their payments would go towards their mortgages or Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans when he was actually using their money for his own personal benefit.

Juan Vanga Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill Witness

Juan Vanga, a Chicago teenager who was imprisoned for a residential burglary in January in Calumet City, has recently been accused of hiring a hit man to murder the 17-year-old girl who witnessed the robbery. The girl had called the police during the break-in and hid in a closet with her 1-year-old daughter as she waited for authorities to arrive at the scene.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Vanga, 17, had allegedly told an inmate he wanted the girl killed and was willing to pay $500 up front to a hit man interested in accomplishing the task. Assistant State Attorney Matthew Thrun said Vanga also added that he would later pay $1,000 after the 17-year-old was murdered.

Tyrelle Locket and Myrelle Locket Sentenced For Sex Trafficking

Tyrelle and Myrelle Locket, twin brothers from Dolton, pleaded guilty at the Markham courthouse to felony charges of human trafficking for forced services or labor. Chicago Breaking News reportes the pair, age 18, had forced young women into prostitution in the south suburbs and has now been sentenced to four years behind bars.

The Lockets were involved in making reservations at motels and photographing the female victims for internet ads they developed and posted online. The victims were also coerced to go into a motel room and have sex with men once the meetings with the clients were arranged. The brothers would then wait close by and collect payment afterward.

ACLU Calls For Chicago To Stop Surveillance System Expansion

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Illinois recently found that Chicago residents are some of the most most-watched citizens in the country, according to the Chicago Tribune. The city is apparently filled with 1,260 police surveillance cameras, and even more can be found within various public and private facilities and buildings.

The ACLU stated city officials have access to an integrated system of about 10,000 cameras, with Chicago Public Schools accounting for more than 4,500 and the Chicago Transit Authority having 1,800 in buses and train stations. The ACLU called for the city to stop expanding its video surveillance system until safety measures have been established to protect the "fundamental American right to be left alone."

George Valdez Sentenced To Prison For Stealing Money From Church

Business manager and former deacon George Valdez, 58, was sentenced to 6 years behind bars after having been accused of stealing over $317,000 from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in West Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Valdez used most of money to pay for his credit card bills and personal expenses, which even included $10,000 spent on Chicago Bears and White Sox sports tickets.

Prosecuting attorney Helen Kapas-Erdman said Valdez, who had been a long-time deacon at St. Mary’s, began stealing from the church three months after he was hired as a business manager in June 2006. Church officials stated that the theft, which lasted until 2009, had also added to the church’s increasing debt.

Al Sanchez Sentenced To Prison For 2004 Hiring Scandal

Former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison after a seven-year federal prosecution concerning the 2004 hiring fraud at City Hall known as the "Hired Truck" scandal. According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Sanchez was only one out of 49 people who were expected to be convicted for the scam.

Last summer, Sanchez was convicted of one count of fraud in connection the deceptive hiring scheme where coveted city jobs were offered to candidates who were political soldiers. Prosecutors had claimed that Sanchez arranged for others to create fake resumes, rate forms, and accept late applications to reward the candidates.

Dean Williams Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend

Authorities arrested South Side resident Dean Williams, 54, and accused him of severely beating his 35-year-old girlfriend. Prosecutors said Williams tried to attack the police officers with a knife during the arrest, which forced the cops to taser and shoot him. He also had to be tasered a second time after he tried to run away while being transported to Stroger Hospital.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Williams was arguing with his girlfriend when he started hitting her in the face while driving on to the Bishop Ford Expressway. The woman tried to get out of the car, but Williams kept the car door locked. Eventually, the victim went to the back of the car, opened the door, and jumped out of the vehicle as it traveled between 60 to 65 miles per hour.

Lance Wyatt Tries To Kill Girlfriend A Second Time

Lance Wyatt, 33, initially was released on a $1 million bail for attempting to murder his girlfriend Peggy Keane, last year. But according to the Chicago Sun-Times, police said they had to arrest Wyatt again after he allegedly attacked Keane, 36, at her apartment in an effort to kill her a second time.

Law enforcement officials responded to a domestic battery report after sounds of beating were heard outside Keane's apartment on Lake Shore Drive. When the officers arrived at the scene, Wyatt kept the door barricaded with furniture and refused to let them in. Wyatt continued to strike Keane until a building manager was able to let the officers into the apartment.