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Darrell Franklin Stabs Mother's 78-Year-Old Hospital Roommate

Police said they're puzzled why 39-year-old Darrell Franklin stabbed the 78-year-old Provena-Mercy Hospital patient sharing a room with his mother, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The Aurora man allegedly used a dull dinner knife taken from a food tray.

The woman, whose name was not released by authorities, suffered cuts on head and body, a broken nose and another broken bone in her face.

Perhaps not even Darrell Franklin's Chicago criminal attorney, if he has one, knows what led to the alleged attack. He was ordered held on $100,000 and charged with aggravated battery to a senior citizen; if convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

Darrell Franklin was visiting his mother at the hospital when the incident happened, while the victim was at the hospital for tests related to heart and kidney problems and was not expected to stay long (before the attack). Her relatives cannot understand what may have led the defendant to attack the woman, including grandson Kiowa King:

"It still doesn't make sense. Why are you bothering her? She's elderly, and she's not doing anything to anybody." 

As can be expected, Kiowa King and the victim's other relatives are restlessly waiting for the defendant to face charges in court. They are taking turns staying with the elderly woman until she recovers from her wounds.

Police Sgt. Robb Wallers described the weapon as a "butter knife," according to NBC Chicago. While they're still investigating, he said police discovered that Darrell Franklin's son was recently killed and that he probably had just heard about it before the hospital attack.   

Hospital spokeswoman Heather Gates told reporters that this incident could not have been prevented:

"The perpetrator apparently didn't bring a weapon into the hospital that we could have screened for. And visitation is part of the recovery process and holistic care that we provide to all our patients. This incident was very atypical."

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