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Murder-Suicide At Chicago Ridge Shopping Mall

Larry Harris shot and killed former fiancée Tabitha Oliver on Tuesday in the parking lot of a Chicago Ridge shopping mall and then turned the gun on himself, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. They were romantically involved for eight years but ended their engagement earlier this year, according to Chicago Ridge Police Chief Rob Pyznarksi:

"He never really took it well."

But since Larry Harris died of his self-inflicted gunshot wound, he won't be needing the services of a Chicago criminal defense attorney

Police received a report about gunshots fired in the north parking lot at roughly 6:00 p.m. and found a man's lifeless body on top of a woman's body; a revolver also was found at the scene.

Tabitha Oliver was in a carpooling van when she saw the man, according to witnesses who said she recognized him and said "Oh no, not him." She had just gotten off work and was being shuttled to her car.

She got out of the van and Larry Harris approached her, firing more than twice into her abdomen. He fired more shots after she fell to ground before shooting himself once in the head, according to witness accounts.

Larry Harris had no prior arrests or restraining orders, according to the Police Chief. While one witness wisely took cover when the man pulled out his revolver, another witness claims to have seen everything.

Police are still investigating.

While such events are often difficult to predict, acts of violence related to divorce, child custody disputes and other relationship-based matters sadly are becoming more common.

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