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Ishmael Clark Gets 180 Years For Murder Of NBA Star's Brother

Although Rochelle Howard forgave the men who were found guilty in the murder of her brother, Lee Richardson Jr., Cook County Judge Joseph Kazmierski sentenced Ishmael Clark to 180 years in prison, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The victim's brother, Quentin Richardson, plays for the Orlando Magic professional basketball team.

Lee Richardson Jr. was gunned down in a botched holdup at the Richardsons' home in the South Side of Chicago. They started shooting their guns when the robbery went bad, hitting and killing the man but missing his father, Lee Richardson Sr.

Ishmael Clark, the getaway driver, plus co-defendants Elbert Dunnigan and Gino Wilson sped off in a van and prompted a 5-mile chase. The driver hit a police officer with his van and tried to run down to others, according to prosecutors.

Gino Wilson brokered a plea deal with the assistance of his Chicago criminal attorney and will serve a 15-year prison sentence, while Elbert Dunnigan was due to be sentenced last Friday (before this blog entry was filed). The victim's father was not in the court room when Ishmael Clark was sentenced but told his other children that he wanted "no mercy" shown to the men.

Rochelle Howard said gun violence also claimed the life of another brother, Bernard, in 1992 and "is a terrible disease in this city." One of Ishmael Clark's brothers also died from gun violence.

The victim's sister forgave Ishmael Clark, described as "brutal" by past victims of his robberies:

"I forgive you for murdering my brother, and I pray that you will find a way to come to repentance."

He was charged not only with murder in the commission of an armed robbery but also the attempted murder of three police officers. Assistant Cook County State's Attorney James McKay urged the judge for a lifetime sentence.

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