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2 Men Charged In Fatal Washington Heights Home Invasion

Leroy Owens and Jonathan Robinson, 27 and 25, were ordered held without bail after their arrest on charges of murder, home invasion, attempted armed robbery and warrant violations, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. They are accused of the shooting death of Anthony Anglin last Friday morning.

Each case is different, but most Chicago criminal defense attorneys would probably advise clients facing such charges to plead guilty if enough evidence exists for a conviction.

Washington Heights is typically not known as a high-crime neighborhood.

But early Friday morning, two masked men broke into Barbara and Anthony Anglin's home after they first accosted the couple's son, Langford Anglin. They then threatened the young man's girlfriend at gunpoint while they looked for valuable items, according to Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Tom McGuire.

The men ran downstairs after Anthony Anglin woke up and was shot at the bottom of the stairs, Tom McGuire said.

Soon after the incident, Leroy Owens and Jonathan Robinson were arrested nearby with another man. They were driving without headlights and were in the possession of black masks and thousands of dollars in cash, police said. Witnesses later identified the men out of a lineup.

Anthony Anglin had been retired for the past eight years and spent his time with family and working in his garden. 

Barbara Anglin spoke with Chicago Tribune reporters, reportedly fearful to leave her house following the shooting death of her husband:

"These bums have taken the love of my life. They have taken everything from me... I'm afraid to go to the park where we used to walk. I'm afraid to go anywhere."

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