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Two Accused Of Beating Man To Death For Scratching Car

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that 35-year-old Edward Brown and 26-year-old Steven Fox, a Chicago rapper commonly known as "Sincere the Realist," were charged with beating a man to death for accidentally scratching the rapper's car

Victim Larry Brown accidentally caused minor damage to Steven Fox's car when he was returning home early in the early hours of June 17, according to assistant state's attorney Yolanda Lippert. He reportedly didn't even know his car grazed the other car, so he left it parked in front of his home.

Edward Brown and Steven Fox followed him, starting yelling and then attacked him with his fists, according to Yolanda Lippert. 

Neither of the two defendants were quoted but Chicago criminal defense attorney E. Powell Dunham told reporters that his clients walked Larry Brown home and that he had no injuries at the time. He also claims that the father agreed that nicking Steven Fox's car was wrong and allegedly asked them to give him an estimate for the damage.

But he was unable to provide a theory for how the man was beaten up so badly that he died.

The ensuing commotion woke Larry Brown's parents and his father unsuccessfully begged the men to stop beating up his son, Yolanda Lippert said. They continued after showing the victim's father the scratch on the car; as if that were justification for the severe beating.

Larry Brown became unconscious as he lay on the sidewalk, while the two defendants reportedly fled the scene. He was taken to a hospital but slipped into a coma and later died. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said blunt head trauma was the cause of death.

Edward Brown was ordered held on $1 million bail and Steven Fox was ordered held on $750,000 bail.

Steven Fox's MySpace page attempts to explain the street credentials behind his rap music:

"His music represents his life, Dealing with life's issues himself makes it easier for him to make music that people can relate to and understand the hustle."

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