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Downers Grove Cop Robert Caudill Charged With Plotting To Rob Drug Dealers

Suburban Chicago police officer Randall Caudill Jr. was ordered held on $200,000 on charges that he was plotting to steal from suspected drug dealers, the Chicago Daily Herald reported. The arrest came after a lengthy undercover investigation. He made his first court appearance via video feed from the jail after having already been charged with four counts of official misconduct.

Randall Caudill's counsel, Chicago criminal defense attorney Jeff Fawell, said he is trying to lower his client's bail so he can be with his family as he awaits trial:

"He's not a flight risk. He has three kids he adores and would never abandon."

The defendant Robert Caudill has spent the past nine years as an officer in Downers Grove, after a two-year stint with the DuPage County sheriff's office. His father is a deputy sheriff and his wife works for DuPage County's probation department.

DuPage County investigators received a tip earlier this year alleging Randall Caudill was involved in some sort of illegal activity. He was captured on video and audio tape closing a deal to help the informant and the undercover officer rob a suspected drug dealer. The informant reportedly told the Randall Caudill that the suspected dealer was known to carry a lot of cash.

Randall Caudill, the informant, and the undercover cop then hatched a plot to pull over their marks under the guise of a routine traffic stop before robbing him, according to prosecutor Helen Kapas-Erdman. She claims he then used his police computer to obtain personal information about the suspected dealer and his associates.

The informant told Randall Caudill that their mark owed him $30,000 and that he likely would have between $30,000 and $100,000 in cash on his person, according to the Chicago Tribune. The defendant then would get an unspecified cut of the stolen cash, according to prosecutors.

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