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Teenage Twins Charged With Sex Trafficking

Twin brothers from Dolton are charged with forcing teenage girls to have sex with strangers, taking the money for themselves and allegedly beating them, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Brothers Myrelle and Tyrelle Lockett are being held in a medium-security division of the Cook County Jail on $100,000 bond each.

Each suspect was charged with trafficking in persons for forced labor of services, involuntary sexual servitude of a minor and involuntary servitude. All are felony charges.

Although you'd have to ask a Chicago criminal attorney, the young men likely will face severe sentences if found guilty.

Tyrelle Lockett was the first brother to be arrested; undercover vice officers arranged a hook-up with one of the teenage victims, which led to an encounter with the suspect outside a south suburban hotel. Myrelle Lockett was arrested after a follow-up investigation tied him to the sex trafficking operation.

Investigators responded to an ad on a Craigslist-like classified directory called Backpage, which promised sex for cash. The picture associated with the ad was indeed one of the teenage victims exploited by the brothers. She appeared to have been physically abused, according to a police press release:

When the officer went into the designated hotel room and met the girl, there were obvious and visible signs she had been a victim of repeated violence, the release said.

After securing an agreement for the transaction for use as evidence of the crime, the girl was taken into custody and Tyrelle Lockett was arrested by another officer who had been hiding nearby.

Investigators allege the brothers to have trafficked teenage girls in hotels throughout the south suburbs, posting ads for girls with rates as high as $300 an hour. However, investigators found that the girls were only given a pittance, if anything at all.

The brothers' next court date is scheduled for June 14.

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