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Solicitation Suspect: 'Two Slugs To The Head... Real Quick'

John F. Johnson already was in jail when he allegedly ordered a hit on his ex-wife, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. But the purported hitman he called from DuPage County Jail on July 1, 2009 actually was sheriff's investigator Rafael Osorio, who was working undercover.

And despite the evidence stacked up against John F. Johnson, who was in jail for violating an order of protection obtained by his ex, he has not retained the counsel of a Chicago criminal attorney and instead will act as his own attorney.

John F. Johnson, 42, spoke with the "hitman" for roughly 17 minutes, expressing bitterness toward the woman he allegedly wanted killed and detailing exactly how he (allegedly) wanted the murder to go down.

At one point in the conversation, John F. Johnson told Rafael Osorio that he wanted "Two slugs to the head, that's it. Real quick." He repeatedly told Rafael Osorio that he was certain he wanted his ex shot dead, according to the tapes cited by reporters:

"I just want that b---- dead. That's all I want. She took everything I got."

He then promised who he thought was a hitman that he'd get paid up to $3,000 for the deed. On a July 12 visit to John F. Johnson's cell, Rafael Osorio told him he killed his ex-wife and showed him a faked photo depicting her tied up and lying on a forest floor. John F. Johnson reportedly refused to acknowledge the photo and wanted more proof.

And yet despite the taped evidence, John F. Johnson dismissed the conversation as "mere talk."

As with all defendants in a criminal trial, John F. Johnson is innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty of solicitation of murder for hire, a Class X felony in Illinois, he could be sentenced to prison for 20 to 40 years.

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